Here is a list of all the artists/people/places/things that I think are good and may have inspired me to make my own things.


White Stripes

Jack White is a great guy. As well as being a huge fan of his music, i’ve also watched (probably) every video of him on youtube discussing his creative philosophy and influences. The Stripes albums and live act unintentionally raged against everything else in the music industry in 90’s/00’s. It was a perpetual motion machine, propelling itself along in a vacuum. People peered in on it in their millions at the black and red aliens. The white stripes were not a band, they were an inevitable truth. Their collection of albums and live performances feels more like something that was waiting to be discovered than something which was made. an artefact


There are small selection of songs in the world which trancende classification. This Songs arn’t really songs, they are inevitable truths (Like Use My Arse Hole As A Cunt b yKunt and the gang

, that excite the resonant frequencies of our souls so precisely

I think the seedlings for all the perfect songs already exist, like cosmic sperm in a cosmic testicle.

best songs in the world are waiting for discovery, not laboured subtractively into existence from large billets, but

waiting to be excavated not


grown like seeds, not carved subtractively from stone or wood

Perpetual motion machine

(Like a big sperm, in a big cosmic testicle)

But it wasn’t intentionally contrarian, wasn’t contrived or crrated, it was totally organic . In the same way that. Kinda felt old, but also at the cutting edge, almost like an alternate time line

THe personas, the Red White and Black, the brother and sister, the extreem limitations, the energy His pressure. Pressure to perform, never having a setlist

Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell

He taught me how to be a noble man again


James Acaster

Jeffrey Lewis

Larry Beaker, My Arch Rival

John Robbins

Stewart Lee

John Frusciante


Father John Misty

John Grant