To Err is Human, to Forgive is Divine.

Comment away your meat or dairy based sins to Vegan Jesus below. Avoid losing your plant-based powers with Penance!

16 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I eat steak almost every day, while I’m eating it I think about the cow that had to be murdered for it, and the damage eating meat causes to the environment through farming etc.

    I feel bad, but I justify it to myself thinking that just I won’t make much difference because I’m just one person. Also that I’m a pretty good guy overall and there’s lots of bellends out there worse than me!


  2. I romanticise the idea of being a veggie but curly fries are usually dipped in fatty fat so it no happen.


  3. I thought I was a veggie until I realised Parmesan cheese has bits of stomach in it and I realised my whole lyfe is a lie


  4. I once ate an entire share box of 20 McNuggets. I’ve never been able to admit this before. Can there ever be forgiveness for libertines like me?


  5. Hi Vegan Jesus,

    I just had a delicious salad but it was filled with prawns. My mate says it’s okay because prawns aren’t real animals. Is this true?

    also it had bacon


  6. Today I made spagbol with 800g of real beef, from a cow and about 14 beef stock cubes because I’ve missed them so much. I topped this off with so MUCH cheese.
    It was beyond satisfying.
    I wanted to post a picture…


  7. To break my Veggo streak of 6 whole months. I had a three meat meal – chicken chow mein, duck pancakes & chilli beef. I wish my body had a bad reaction but I actually felt better. Soz


  8. I convince myself that fish don’t have feelings so I can call myself a vegan because hot damn salmon fillets are about the best god damn thing on this earth and sometimes i take pleasure just thinking about them


  9. I’ve been vegan all my life.

    If you’ve ever ate meat I forgive you but I hate you.

    You are the shit on my shoe (I don’t really mean this but I do)

    Make the connection!!

    I appreciate how the world works but seriously think about what you’re doing, seriously, like wtf!?

    How can you eat something that was alive. I may’ve been brought up differently but when you think about it, how can you eat another living being?

    It’s cruel. How can you not think another living being doesn’t feels pain? Doesn’t feel emotion!?

    You know they do, don’t lie to yourself.

    You’ve heard a dog screech, you’ve heard a pic squeal, there’s no difference!! They’re better than us because we should be better than this!

    We should be too intelligent to not eat animals. Why do we?? Cus it’s easy, give me a break!! If you really think about it, I mean reeeeally think about it. You might hate the thought, you may hate me, but you know it’s true.

    Be kind. Be caring. Be vegan.


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