EP Release! – The EP (titled “Could’ve been better”) has now been released on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music…

Here is the cover art featuring a mutual tender embrace with Obama…


Also THANKS all for coming to see the Vegan Jesus Show at the Edinburgh Fringe this August.

Vegan Jesus is a majestical musical comedy act – narrating modern life through the medium of contemplative folk.

VJ is currently taking a little break from gigging whilst he does some paid non-creative work in France.

Why not follow the VJ Instagram or Facebook or SoundCloud or Bebo or Cafe Penguin page for the latest news and sexy hot pics? There are more where this came from…

veganjesusas_ashley (2)

You may also find a video or 2 on the video app:

I also have some very good audio recordings on the MUSIC page.